Why Buy From Us

5 Reasons Why Our Customers Shop With Us

1) Lowest Price Guaranteed

We are dedicated to bringing designer lightings at the most competitive pricing. Our customers enjoy greater savings, because we bring in lightings by volume and operate in our humble warehouse at Genting Lane. We will match the price and give a refund of the difference ($) within 10 days of your purchase. Check out our price guarantee policy here.

2) FREE Shipping

We offer free delivery for orders above $100.

3) Local Warranty

We understand how frustrating it can be to receive a faulty item. We will do a one-to-one exchange policy for any damaged or detective items. Do check out our Returns & Exchange policy here.

4) High Quality Products

All items you see on the website are curated by our very own lighting technicians before we market the products on our website. As the famous quote goes, “Safety First : The safe way is always the best way”. We believe safety comes first, and believe what a little does and it goes a long way.

5) We Are Real People With A Mission

We’re not bots behind a computer. We care about people, and we’re excited to bring about a change in the lighting industry, especially for our fellow HDB folks. Say hello at for any feedback to bring us closer to our mission. That is to say goodbye to exorbitant pricing and poor quality products, because we’re here to stay.