By Emily DeMuth The color blue is one of the colors used to decorate a painting by artist Emily De Muth.

But De Muz was not only inspired by blue.

She also learned the art of painting while in a mental health facility.

She was in and out of mental health facilities before, during and after her recovery, she told ESPN.

“I always wanted to paint my paintings and do what I wanted to do with my life, but when I first came out to my family and started painting, I never thought about it,” De Muez said.

“I always thought it was something for me to do, something to share.

And then I started to see the difference it made.”

De Muz paints a lot of things that she sees as beautiful.

“Sometimes, when I look at a painting, it makes me feel a little bit of happiness, a little touch of joy,” she said.

She said she loves to paint things that look like she wants to be, and she likes to show it off.

“It’s fun to share the feeling of being happy with other people.

I’m so happy to be able to share that with people,” she told ABC News.”

It’s really important to me to try to be present and to not let the thoughts and feelings get in the way of what I’m doing, and just to paint as I go,” De Merz said, adding that she has also started painting portraits of people in her care.

“When I paint, I want people to feel a part of it and be in it,” she added.

She said she’s often the one who brings the paintings home with her to see what people think of them.

“We are all different.

So you have to let your emotions get in and show your own,” she explained.

“Don’t try to control it, because then you’re not giving people the opportunity to feel happy.”

“I want to share something that I’ve always felt like was important to do.

And it’s a very personal thing,” De Mulz said of her art.

“There are no expectations for me or anybody to be like, ‘This is what you want to do.'”

De Muth said that she hopes her paintings can help people to find a connection with their inner demons, which she feels are something many people struggle with.

“One of the biggest problems we see is anxiety, and so many of us are so afraid to let go of that fear, to let people in on our secrets, and I want to show that,” she shared.

“What I see in myself is what I feel in others.”

She also said she hopes the paintings will inspire others to get help.

“People can’t do anything about their own inner demons.

I think art is an amazing tool for people to look in the mirror and to say, ‘I’m so not like that.’

I can be happy in my paintings, and if someone else sees them, it’s OK, too,” she stressed.

“And then they can start to take care of themselves and live a life that’s not in the shadow of someone else’s.”

“If we can give someone the opportunity and opportunity to be free of those things, then we can all live in peace, we can be better human beings,” she continued.

“But if we’re not able to take that chance, then what are we?”