article I was sitting in my car in a parking lot of a Walmart in California.

The sun was peeking out, so I turned the headlights on.

I noticed a couple of guys standing outside the store.

They didn’t look very excited about anything, so as soon as they turned around, I followed them.

I could hear them talking to each other, and I heard some guys in the back of the store yelling, “Hey, hey, hey!

Get out of here!”

As I approached them, the men yelled, “What is that?”

They were yelling out a set of instructions.

I followed the instructions to turn the light off.

I then saw a man who looked like a cowboy wearing a hat and carrying a gun.

He yelled at me, “Go out of the way!

This is the Grinch.”

I yelled back, “I’m not going to go out of my way.

I’ll be right back.”

He fired his weapon, but it didn’t hit me.

I was standing there looking at the light and I saw it was just glowing in the darkness.

It took me a moment to realize I was being watched.

The Grinches’ lights were really effective.

It was kind of frightening.

I remember walking down a street in my neighborhood, and the lights would illuminate the whole street.

I would see them coming at me.

They were just standing there, just shooting at me and trying to get my attention.

One of the Grinches was shooting at my car.

I don’t know if it was in self-defense, or if they were looking for a fight.

I have to say, I really wish the police would have called me sooner.

I just don’t understand why people do this.

They don’t have the police on their side.

They’re out there looking for you.

They are going to make it difficult for you to get help if you’re injured.

They also have a tendency to ignore or not care if they hurt you.

The police should be able to get out there and help.

I think they should be out there every day.