There are so many lights and gadgets in our lives these days, and you may not even know you have access to them.

Here are a few things you might not be aware of.1.

There’s no such thing as an ‘air-conditioned room’.

The lights in most hospitals are controlled from a central server that is located on a tower in Sydney’s inner west.

The lights are automatically switched on and off depending on what you’re doing.2.

There are no air-conditioning rooms at your first medical appointment.

There is a small room in the back of the room that’s always open.

You will see the same lights on the other side of the door.

You won’t see them if they’re on a timer, so it’s best to turn them off before going in.3.

There may be no air conditioning in the first place.

If you want to go for an air-con room, you’ll need to go through a whole checklist.

It’s a bit like getting your driver’s licence.

There must be no other lights, no ventilation, no windows, no vents, no lights, nothing.4.

If it’s the summer months, you might want to wear sunscreen.

While the sun is the most powerful source of light for people with a skin condition like sunburn, the air in hospitals is not always the same.

If the air is too cold and the temperature in your room is too high, the light may not be there.5.

If your GP says you’re not comfortable wearing an air conditioner, you should talk to your GP.

There will be some conditions in which air conditioners are recommended.

For example, people with allergies and heart conditions may need to avoid certain indoor areas.

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