With more and more people starting to look at their work space as their personal space, there are even more ideas to make it more inviting and fun.

Some of these ideas have a little bit of the DIY flair but still make use of modern technology.

Here are 10 of my favorites.1.

Lighting up the office by candlelight, with the lights set to the correct brightness.

This will add a little warmth and vibrancy to the space.

If you’ve got an office with a lot of lights, or you just don’t want to wait for your alarm clock to go off, you can set the lights to your desired brightness level.2.

The perfect place to place an illuminated WallClock with an attached lantern.

This is the perfect place for your work, for meetings, and even just for a quiet, private moment.3.

An outdoor candlelit lighting area that includes an illuminated floor and a curtain.

The wall clock is the ultimate way to put the finishing touches on your office.4.

Lighting a candle on your wall clock for a unique look and feel.

The candle will give the room a unique vibe.5.

Using a lamp to make a simple candle-lighting experience.

The lamp can be used for an easy candle-lit candlelight experience or for a full-blown candle-light experience.6.

Lighting candles for a fun, party atmosphere.

It is an easy way to add a festive atmosphere to a quiet office space.7.

Using light bulbs to make an outdoor candlelight area.

The candles can be placed in a variety of locations, and can be put in any direction, making it an easy project to get started.8.

Lighting your office with an LED wall clock.

There are a number of different types of lighting bulbs available, and you can find a variety to suit your style.9.

Lighting your office using a lamp on a candle.

Another great way to bring a party atmosphere to your office, or a quiet space that you can have a quiet dinner or lunch together.10.

Lighting the ceiling of an office space with candles.

This works for many of us, as well as for those who are looking to take their office space to the next level.

If the ceiling has a lot going on, then this will be a great way for you to have some fun in the background.