A grinch’s face is one of the most recognisable images in football.

With the game’s most famous player a grumpy old man, there are plenty of players to pick up on.

But there’s also a lot of other players, some who look like they could be grinch.

Here are a few of our favourites.1.

Milan ZolaThe grinch has had a number of nicknames in the past, but this one is a bit of a misnomer.

This time, Zola’s name is being used as an homage to a grinder, who’s not a grumbly old man at all.

He’s an inventor.

The inventor of the grinderThe inventorOf course, we’ll concede that the old man is a grump.

Zola is, however, a pretty cool guy, and his name means something in Italian.

Zolas first invention was a hand grinder called the ‘Zola’ which is thought to have been invented in 1884.

He has had several more inventions, and he’s also had his share of nicknacks, which have included the phrase ‘Zolas hands’, the slogan ‘Zoltano’ and the slogan “Zolano”, meaning ‘I’m grumpy’.

You can’t go wrong with Zola.2.

Diego MaradonaMaradona’s nickname ‘The grinc’ was coined by his manager, Carlo Ancelotti, after a match against Manchester United in 1974.

The nickname stuck and became a catchphrase for him, and it has stuck even longer than Maradonas grumpy face.

Ancelinson would say, “That’s a great grinch, but we should call him Diego Maradián, because he’s grinch-like”.3.

Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney’s nickname is ‘The Grinch’.

But the real reason he is nicknamed that is because he is a good player.

The Manchester United striker has had five different nicknames throughout his career, and the one that stuck the most is the ‘Grinch’.

The nickname stuck because he was good in every game he played for United.

Wayne is a pretty good grinch because he has scored three goals in the Premier League this season and his five goals this season make him one of only two players in the league to have a better assist total than any other player.

Wayney is the only player in the top six in assists this season, and if he could keep the ball longer, his name would be called ‘The Griffo’.4.

Frank LampardThe griffon is one man who can take a grumble from anyone.

Lampard is a great example.

The grinch had a very different nickname, which was called ‘Frank’, which is the name of a griffin in the Harry Potter series.

It’s also the name that was used by Harry Potter himself when he called the Gryffindor house ‘the Deathly Hallows’.

Lampard’s nickname was ‘The Gryffin’ because he likes to be called a Gryffinian.

The nickname came to the forefront in 2009, when he was fined for being late for training.

In the end, it didn’t cost him anything, but Lampard did take a hit.5.

Roberto BaggioThe nickname ‘Baggi’ comes from the Italian word for ‘greasy’.

The nickname has stuck ever since.

Baggi is a player who is a real grinch and the nickname stuck even though he’s a pretty solid footballer.

His nickname came from his grumpy appearance, which led to him being called a ‘Greasy Baggi’.

Baggio is one to watch.

He will have many grins, and even when he doesn’t, his grinch face will still be there.