If you haven’t been following the development of Illumina, you can check out this blog post.

You can also check out the source code for Illumina on Github.

This is an open source library that aims to make the mining of information on the internet a breeze.

For the uninitiated, this library lets you read data from Twitter, Facebook, Github, Wikipedia, Google, Google Plus, etc. into your Minecraft world.

When a piece of information has been mined, a message is sent back to a user and then the miner can click the button to open up their own mining node.

The miner can then use the information to mine items, and the information is then sent back so that it can be used by other users in the minecraft world. 

The Illumina library allows you to build your own mining nodes, allowing you to do things like build a mine that only consumes the data that has been written to it.

The library itself is written in Java, and there is an API available for the Java platform.

It is an interesting project and I am excited to see what it will become in the future.