It’s not the first time the theme park has had an innovative lamp for the theme parks: In 2012, the theme of Epcot International, Inc. announced a new “lit-up” lamp to light up Epcot hotels, restaurants, and the Epcot Marketplace.

But the Illumination station lamp has been a major hit at Epcot since its launch.

This year, we’ll be seeing the first light-up version of the Illuminated Epcot lighting system, complete with LEDs and a red-colored light-bar.

“Epcot’s Epcot illumination system will bring a new level of innovation to Epcot, allowing guests to experience the magic of the Magic Kingdom and enjoy a better connection to their guests through an illuminated experience,” said Paul F. Avent, chairman and CEO of Epco.

“With this new version of Epcott lighting, guests will be able to experience what it’s like to interact with the guests in the Magic and Epcot worlds.”

The Illuminated version of Illuminated is part of Epcos new new nighttime lighting program, which is expected to begin in 2018.

The Illumination system uses a “single-pane” lamp with an illuminated surface and a base that sits on the guest’s lap.

The “single pane” design is a common theme at Epcos restaurants, with a glass base and an illuminated lamp.

This design allows guests to enjoy the ambiance while they are dining.

It also lets guests interact with other guests as they wait to sit down.

The light bar is used to create a “floating” effect that adds a “lively glow” to Epco’s new nighttime entertainment and hospitality spaces.

The new Illuminated lighting system features a LED “lit” surface with a red light bar on the base.

A single-pneumatic base with an adjustable height can be attached to the illuminated base.

Guests can adjust the lighting system by holding the base and tilting the lamp upward.

The lamp is powered by a 10-amp DC outlet and has a “zero-fuss” assembly and installation process.

The LED lights can be set to dim for a particular time of night, or can be dimmed at will for specific seasons.

“When guests come to Epccot, they want to feel like they’re in a world where they’re connected to the world around them,” said Andrew G. Broussard, president and CEO, Epcot and Associates, Inc., which owns Epco, in a statement.

“The Illuminated Lighting System will allow guests to do just that by letting them enjoy an immersive experience that lets them experience the excitement of Epcott with an LED illuminated light bar.

The innovative Illuminated Illumination System is a perfect complement to the new nighttime experiences and will add a unique visual style to the park.”

The new lighting system has been designed by Epcot Inc., Epco and Associates.

The design includes a red LED base, a “low-voltage” base with adjustable height, and a “high-voltages” base.

The base is attached to a single-panel base.

“We’re excited to introduce the Illuminating Station Lamp at Epcocanst,” said David P. DeBruyn, vice president of EpCo and Associates in a press release.

“In addition to providing a new way to experience Epcot for guests, the Illuminate Lighting System is designed to provide guests with the most advanced illumination technology ever seen at Epco.”

The company also announced that the Illumined Station Lamp will be available for purchase for $499.95 at select Epcot stores starting in late 2018.

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