In an effort to boost classroom lighting, the tech giant Logitech is partnering with Microsoft to develop an illuminated keyboard that is powered by LED light.

Logitech is developing the LED Light Pad, which is powered from an array of LED lights.

The Pad is designed to illuminate classrooms through a combination of its internal LED lighting, LED lights, and wireless charging, with a rechargeable battery.

The LED LightPad is designed with a dual-LED technology that allows for simultaneous LED lighting on both sides of the keyboard.

The LED lights can be powered by a single USB charging cable or by a separate charging cable and an external USB hub.

The lights are designed to be placed on the bottom of the keypad, providing a consistent lighting on the entire board, and the pads can be positioned with the palm of your hand for a comfortable typing experience.

The pad can be used as a stand or as a desk lamp for educational institutions.

The LightPad uses a flexible OLED display with a resolution of 400 pixels per inch, a resolution which allows for a full color display with only a fraction of the pixels that other types of keyboards have to work with.

The LightPad’s LED lighting allows for dimming of the LED lights to reduce the power consumption of the LEDs.

The keyboard is designed for teachers, parents, and students to use in classrooms to encourage the use of LED lighting and the use in educational environments.

The first prototype of the LightPad has already been deployed to classrooms in a pilot program for teachers.

Logioglab’s Chief Product Officer, Andrew Gifford, told Al Jazeera that the company is aiming to have the Pad in classrooms by 2020.

The company has already tested the Light Pad in schools and is in talks with other educational institutions, including universities.

“The technology can also be used to enhance the educational experience of the students, teachers, and parents,” Giffard said.

The company has partnered with Microsoft on the project, and it is currently evaluating a variety of potential educational applications.

The Microsoft-Logitech collaboration comes as other tech giants are looking to build a new generation for education and education-related products.

Last year, Apple unveiled the Apple Education App, which uses the company’s Education Cloud to connect teachers and other school-age customers to courses from companies like Logitech and others.