A new wave of new cards, many of them for the first time, are to be released in 2017. 

Tarot cards are the deck of cards that represents your personal and spiritual direction in life. 

Some of the new cards are a bit of a challenge. 

For instance, the 2017 cards are “I Am Not” by Tarot reader Daniel, and “Love Is Not Enough” by Samuel, both of which are from the Book of Job. 

These are cards that are both powerful and difficult to predict, which makes them particularly powerful for those who struggle with depression, anxiety or PTSD. 

Other cards can be challenging. 

The 2017 cards, for example, are not quite as powerful as the cards that will be released this fall, but that is OK. 

In some cases, they are less difficult than others, but they still need to be experienced for themselves. 

Here are the cards you need to know for the coming year. 

I Am The Sun (Aries) The 2018 cards are by the same Tarot artist who wrote the “Aries” cards, Arielle Ettore. 

She has been writing new Tarot cards for over 20 years. 

Ettore has said that she wants to do the cards in a style reminiscent of her favorite author J.R.

R Tolkein, and she has designed the cards with a firm emphasis on the “dark side”. 

The 2018 cards are written in the Tarot symbol of the Sun. 

When you think of the sun, you should think of an object with a sharp, bright, and blue point of light in the center. 

There are five spheres of energy, and the Sun is the highest. 

 The Sun is the symbol of wisdom and freedom. 

Its also associated with the Sun’s greatest power, wisdom, which is the power to change the course of events. 

It is the source of all good and evil. 

This year’s cards feature a powerful image of the Sun flashing into the night sky at sunrise. 

If you think about the Sun as the source of your energy, this could help you see how it can help you move on and do things that you wouldnt normally be able to do. As Aries is associated with love and love is associated with freedom, the card I am the sun could also help remind you that love is also the source of the energy needed to move forward in life and bring about your own happiness. 

Love Is Enough (Taurus) This card is from the 2018 Taros. 

Taurus is one of the five spirits that form the core of the Taros.

The other three are Pisces, Gemini, and Cancer. 

While it is associated with love, it is also associated with fear, anger, and sadness. 

Fear is the most powerful emotion in our life, and it can be taken away by a positive life lesson. 

Anger is another strong emotional force that can be tempted by positive life lessons. 

A third spiratory force is called The Will, which can take away the most strength of your life by showing you that you are not perfect yet. 

And lastly, Cancer is used to restore you when you have lost control over your life. 

Cancer is a powerful force that restores you to your wisdom and freedom when you need it most. 

At the heart of the 2017 cards, Eve is shown in the center of the deck. 

Her syllable is “Wisdom” and the symbol of her spirations are the “Four Tears”. 

Her symbol is also the letter I. You can learn about Eves and how she relates to your life at this link. 

Like the cards in the 2016 cards and this year’s cards I am the  sun can help you see how and when and where you can move forward. 

One of the cards is by Jack of Hearts from Tarota reader Rachael. 

Jack is a Tarot user who has