If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you know that Bart is often seen wearing a yellow shirt, and that the character wears the same color as his jacket.

But a man named James Tully was recently spotted on a New York subway with a yellow-shirt on, and the whole internet got really excited.

James Tillery, who is a man, apparently has a history of wearing a different shirt on subway trains.

He has a Twitter account that he’s using to advertise his services.

The account is titled #myshopper and it features pictures of himself, his wife and his son, which look like they are wearing a shirt that says “mystery man.”

There are even a few videos showing James Tilly wearing the shirt.

But he doesn’t appear to be a real person.

His Twitter account is active and has over 100,000 followers.

He’s been tweeting since last year, so it’s unlikely he’s in real life.

But his followers are clearly aware of his existence.

So why is it so easy to spot him?

The first thing you should do is not take it personally.

This is a very common thing to do when people are trying to sell something.

They’ll do this for a few seconds, and then it’ll go away.

James has been retweeting people who say he’s real, which is a good way to tell if you really think he’s a scammer.

It’s probably a good idea to just not take the whole thing personally, or if you have a suspicion it could be a fake, you can simply ignore it.

Here’s how to avoid being a scammy internet con artist.

Ignore James’ Twitter account It’s important to remember that this is an account that has only been active for about a month, so we can’t assume that the person behind it is the real James Tiller.

He could just be a troll.

He might have been the victim of an online impersonation, or he might have posted an image of himself to the account that was supposed to be him.

Either way, the account is inactive.

Follow his Twitter account and you’ll be able to see that he is a “shamelessly scammed.”

And you’ll also see the number of followers on his account, and his account has a message on it that reads, “If I was to become a shoo-in for the Simpsons character of the year award, I’d be wearing a yummy yellow-striped shirt.”

Ignore his Twitter profile This account, which was active for almost two months, is a little odd.

It has no comments and does not have any pictures of itself.

Instead, it’s just a list of tweets, mostly about his business and business related news.

So you’ll probably notice that it doesn’t show any photos of the business, either.

However, it does have a picture of James, which shows a shirt with a small yellow circle around the bottom.

That indicates that it’s a fake.

Follow James’ Facebook page and you will see that it has a lot of pictures of him and his family.

These are probably just for social media purposes, and it’s hard to tell them apart from the other photos on his profile.

However it looks like James has a business.

You can also find a few business related photos on the account, but you won’t be able really tell them if they are real or fake.

The only photos that you’ll really be able see are the ones of James Tilling on his phone.

His phone is a white iPhone 6 with a black band around the top.

He wears a yellow jacket with a green band around it, and he wears a green tie with a white shirt.

You might also notice that the photo of James on the subway is slightly different than the ones he’s posted on his Twitter page.

It shows that the shirt he’s wearing is actually a yellow sweater.

The shirt is actually yellow with a red star, but the star is gone.

The same thing happens when he posts a photo of his son wearing a red shirt on his Instagram account.

He only has one photo of him wearing a blue shirt.

If he is wearing a pink shirt, it looks a little more orange than the other ones.

James does have the name James Tillys Twitter handle, but it’s been deleted.

So this account has been inactive for over a month.

And it’s only been a month since James has posted a photo on his social media account of himself in a yellow coat.

James is a shopper The next thing you need to do is check out the man himself, James T. Tillys Twitter page is now inactive.

It doesn’t have any posts.

But there are still several of his tweets.

The first tweet is the first one he sent to his followers after James posted his first tweet.

He says, “I just want to say that I have never sold a piece of clothing.

It seems to me that my business is in a really