The iconic emoji have become a symbol of everything we love about our lives.

They are so versatile and so universally loved that they’re now a symbol that everyone knows how to use.

But we still struggle to understand why people keep using them.

Here are 10 of the most iconic emoji we know of and why they’re so popular.


The “Emoji” That Can’t be Found: The U.S. military has a huge emoji collection, with some over 1.3 billion, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

But when it comes to emoji, there’s no single “best.”

They’re all a combination of the ones you already know, and there’s a big gap between the ones that you’re used to. 2.

The Most Emotionally Emotional: “E,” “m,” “y,” “u,” “t,” “s,” “l” and “m” are all the same.

Some of these words are used to represent emotion or feelings.

Some are used for things like “go,” “come,” “go home” or “go on vacation.”


The Emoji that is Used Most by Everyone: Emoji are often used in all sorts of contexts.

It’s not just the things you’re going to see on your phone or the messages you’re sending that you want to use the most.

You can also use them to make people feel good about themselves, share an idea, get an emotional response or even just to tell a story.

Some emojis have been around for years and they’re still used across the world.


The Best Emoji for Businesses: There are a number of ways to use emojes in your business.

They can be used to communicate something, or it can be a way to tell someone else what you think or how you feel.

Some use emoji to indicate a way you can make a business-wide announcement.

For example, “EMO” stands for “Emotional Marketing Organization,” and the word “me” is the emoji for “me.”

There are also emoji that can represent people’s personalities and emotions.

For instance, “me-yee-roo” can represent someone who’s happy or sad, while “yee” can be either “yes” or a negative response.

Emoji have also been used for communication in sports, entertainment, news and more.


The Favorite Emoji: Emojis can be extremely versatile.

The most common way to use an emoji is to use it in a visual manner.

For this reason, the “cool” and the “liked” emojys are the two emojies most people gravitate toward.

Another common use is to show that you like something, so the “like” emoji is often used.

And some people even use emos to communicate a positive feeling.


The One Emoji That Can Never Be Changed: The “emoji” is a universal symbol of love, but sometimes the symbols that we use to express love aren’t always clear.

For many people, the emojines are used primarily to signify affection, as in “I love you,” “I can’t believe this happened,” or “I feel you.”


The Icon That People Use in All Kinds of Places: When it comes down to it, there are two main types of emoji.

The first are emoticons that have a specific meaning in different cultures, but they’re used in many different contexts.

For that reason, emoji are sometimes called “internationalized symbols.”

In other words, they’re not localized to the United States, Europe, Australia or other specific countries.

The second type of emoji are those that are meant to represent a single emotion, such as love or compassion.

For these types of emojins, there is no universal meaning to the emoji, but there is a way of representing emotions that people use all over the world to express.


The Color of Emoji and Emojipedia: Emoticons are composed of various colors.

When it came to the colors that people are most comfortable using, the color of an emoji can change depending on what’s happening in the image.

Some people prefer to see an emoji as an orange-yellow or pink-orange.

Other people prefer the more saturated colors of blue, green, purple or yellow.

Emojics are generally grouped together into categories such as “color,” “emoticons,” “text,” “visual” and more, so they’re easily categorized.


The Coolest Emojys and the Largest Emoji Collection: There is a reason why people love emoji: They are beautiful.

Emoticas can be stunning, striking, colorful, bright or just plain cute.

People have used emojicons for centuries to represent love, friendship, family, friendship groups, fashion, music, food, art and so much more.


The Ugly Emojes: