“It’s the next big thing in lighting,” says Jim Fenton, who heads up Illumination Systems.

“It will revolutionize the way we see the world.”

Illumination is the first manufacturer of LED bulbs in the U.S., and its LED bulbs can light up your living room and the office, even the dining room.

The company has an array of lighting products, from lightbulbs to lamps and more, ranging from LED bulbs to a light system that turns a room’s floor into a glow zone.

Illumination’s newest products are designed for people of all ages and backgrounds.

“We want to make light your companion, not your slave,” Fenton says.

Fenton’s company has been around for more than 10 years, but it’s just been getting started.

Fentons first bulb was designed as a novelty product for a few kids in the late ’90s, and it’s still in use in the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

The bulb has since become a household fixture and a trendsetter for lighting up the room with light from the moon.

Illuminating has also recently launched the Illuminator watch, a watch that uses a laser to turn your room into a glowing glow.

“People are going to love the Illuminators,” Fenton says.

“And the more people love the illumination, the more the companies will want to get into the business.”

Illuminating isn’t the only company trying to bring the glow into the home.

LED light bulbs have been popping up everywhere, from home security systems to light fixtures for your car.

But the Illuminating LED bulb is the most powerful, and is now in demand.

Illuminated’s products range from the smaller to the big, from a dimmer switch to a lighting system that will turn a room into an outdoor glowing zone.

Fentedons bulb is a lightbulb, and he uses it in a home theater.

“The bulbs are very bright,” Fentson says, “but I don’t want them to be lit too brightly.

I want them lit with the light of the moon.”

He has installed the bulbs in a house in the Pacific Northwest, and has had the first LED bulbs installed in a hotel in Texas.

Fentsons bulbs can be found at Lowe’s, Walmart and Home Depot.

He says the bulbs are brighter and more compact than LED bulbs, but they’re also cheaper.

He thinks they could be an even better alternative to traditional bulbs.

FENTON’S LED BUILDING The Illuminating bulb is designed to be used as a fixture for your living space, or as a lighting device in the kitchen, bathroom or even the bedroom.

It has an output of between 500 to 1,000 lumens, depending on its temperature and how bright the room is.

FENTSONS LED BRIGHTNESS The bulb is about as bright as an incandescent bulb, but Fenton and his team think it will be a much better choice than incandescents.

“A CFL bulb is much, much brighter than a LED bulb,” Fentingons says.

And, as you might expect, LEDs have more of a glow, which means they glow much more brightly than incandsescent bulbs.

Illuminate bulbs are not a perfect match for a lot of different lighting requirements.

In the kitchen or bathroom, for example, it would be better to have a bright LED bulb that can turn off the light if you want to be outside during the day.

“When you’re at home, a good incandescent bulb is bright enough that it won’t be a distraction to your neighbors,” Fentedon says with a laugh.

“You might want to put that incandee lamp back on.

FENTONS BRIGHTENING BUILD-UP The Illuminated bulb can be mounted on any wall, and can be used in the same room or a different room. “

But with LED, you’re talking about the kind of lighting that you’re really going to need to have in a lot more situations.”

FENTONS BRIGHTENING BUILD-UP The Illuminated bulb can be mounted on any wall, and can be used in the same room or a different room.

Fenting’s bulb is not the only bulb to have been designed for a room.

Another company, Luxor Lighting, is designing LED lighting for homes.

The bulbs have a different output, but can be controlled from a smartphone app.

The Lumensource company has a couple of different types of bulbs, including one that uses an incongruous LED bulb.

FEDONS BROTHER’S BUILD The Lumenource bulbs will cost around $5,000 to $10,000, and Fenton expects the company will sell its first bulb by the end of the year.

The lumensource bulbs have two different outputs: a dim bulb and a spotlight.

Ferentons bulbs