Nars, the cosmetics giant, is expected to make a big splash with the Illuminators, a collection of high-end LED lights that will be available to consumers at the beginning of the year. 

Illuminators are a set of LED lights marketed for home decor and industrial lighting.

They are the latest entry in a growing line of products by the company that is aiming to revolutionize the way people and their homes look. 

The company has also been launching new brands to compete with the likes of Philips and Luxottica. 

In a statement released Monday, Nars said the Illumenators “provide a truly innovative, high-quality lighting solution” for its home decor lighting and industrial products. 

Nars Illumenator products include the Nars Luxeon LED light stand ($199), the NARS Illuminations Illumina line of LED light products ($299), the IllumiNina LED lighting system ($279), and the Naru Illuminating lighting system. 

With the Illumina line, NARS will offer two LED lighting systems that are priced at $279 each.

The Illumina system will include an LED light fixture, a stand, and two lamps that come with a set top box and a stand that can be used in conjunction with an LED strip light.

The Illumination light fixtures include two Illuminants (one for the indoor and one for outdoor use) with LED bulbs and reflectors. 

“We’ve been building our lighting products for a very long time,” said David Deacon, NAR’s global head of products.

“We’ve built the Illumeras lighting system for years and we’ve built it to the highest standards.

The Lumina light system is also the best in its class and the Illumina lamps are the best quality LED lamps available today. 

While the Illums are a little larger than most lighting systems, Narnias are compact and have a wider surface area to support the LED strips they feature.

The company also says its Illuminas offer a total of 20 lumens per foot of LED strip, making it one of the best LEDs in the market. 

As for the Illumins, they’re designed to be integrated into any existing lighting system, making them the ideal solution for any home that has existing lighting, Deacon said. 

There are three Illuminats available, with the Luxeon, Luxeon II, and Luxeon III lighting systems all priced at the same price. 

For home owners, Naris Illuminati lights are available in two color options, white and blue. 

Both Luminas and Illuminas come with integrated power adapters, while the Luxenas have a dedicated power adapter. 

To date, Nari has sold more than 5.5 million Illuminates worldwide, and is expected by early 2018 to have sold close to 9 million Illums. 

Like its other brands, Narpes Illuminat line of lights are sold through the company’s own store. 

(Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)Naris Illumenati products will also be available through the Narnas Illuminative brand. 

A spokesperson for Naris said in a statement that the Illumnas “provides a truly unique and innovative lighting solution for home design and industrial design” and are “a highly-praised addition to our portfolio of products.” 

Naris also launched an illuminators line of home products for people and businesses. 

From the Lumina lighting system to the Illuma-LED lamp, Nar Illuminatic has been a staple for its customers. 

Luxon, a Luxeon line, is sold in a line of Luxeon light fixtures. 

All of the Illamis in the Illuxion line have a Lumina-LED bulb. 

An Illuminatis Luxeon lamp, sold separately, is also available. 

These Lumina lights are the brightest, most durable and lightest in the company, and will also help you stand out from the crowd. 

They are the perfect choice for any room, Deacons said.

The Illuminaters line of lamps are designed to complement any existing light fixture and are designed with integrated lighting, so they can be installed in any existing room. 

Each Illuminato comes with a single LED strip that will power a strip light for lighting up a room.

The Lumina Illumination light fixture will come with two LEDs and one reflector. 

Vibrant and simple, these Lumines are also great for the outdoors and outdoor activities, Deaves said.

They come with the most flexible, high quality LEDs on the market and can be easily installed into existing lighting fixtures.

The Luxon Lumina lamp, for example, can be placed on top of existing fixtures or added to existing lighting. 

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