A new study conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder has found that each color of SCCs jewelry can provide a unique and unique look.

“I’ve always been a fan of the blue SCC S3s because they’ve been my go-to jewelry color for years,” said SCC Jewelry Brand Manager Dan Loesch.

“I love the orange SCC and the yellow SCC because they blend into each other very well.”

“I found the orange and yellow Sccs are really unique, they’re not quite like the orange or yellow S3 or S4s, they just really blend into the other colors,” Loeszc said.

The study found that the color combinations of the SCC jewelry could have a big impact on your everyday looks.

“In the end, the colors are just so subtle and you can actually go with whatever you want, whether you want a little blue or a little orange, whatever you have on,” said Loescho.

“And they’re very easy to wear.

They’re not very flashy, and you’ll have to adjust them as you wear them.

But they are very wearable, so they’re a great way to wear your jewelry.”

A SCC necklace with a blue and yellow combination.

Photo courtesy of Dan Loech.

Loescho said the study is meant to be a quick, easy way to see which colors work best with a particular necklace.

“We have a list of colors, and I have a chart with all the colors and their intensity levels, and it’s a good way to start thinking about what colors are going to work best together,” Loecho said.

“You can also look at a particular color and see what the strength of that color is.

If it’s blue, then it’ll be a great choice for a necklace,” Lopsch said.