The NFL has announced a new set of test guidelines that will go into effect this season.

The NFLPA has already said it’s concerned with the new guidelines.

It’s unclear whether any players or teams will be exempt from the new tests.

In a statement, the league said it was working with its players’ association to ensure the testing was safe and consistent, and that the league would “continue to make changes and improve testing protocols as required by law.”

The league also said it would not conduct any new testing in 2017.

The NFLPA and the NFL have been working with the league on the new rules, which the league is calling the “Enhanced Testing Policy,” and will be introduced to the league in late August.

The new rules were released last week, and were based on the tests conducted last season, when the league took a step back from its testing policies.

Last season, the NFL tested players with neck injuries.

In 2017, the union will test players with other types of injuries and illnesses.

The league said last year that the changes would allow for more comprehensive testing of players.