Google is getting ready to take the lights out of your home.

The search giant will soon make illumination kits for people who are willing to take on the challenge of lighting their own home.

The company has been testing its Illumination Studio platform for more than a year and is finally ready to release its first kit, which it expects will sell for $599.

Its Illumination Kit 2 will cost $999, according to Google.

The Illumination kit will be available to anyone in India.

The company is working with leading lighting manufacturers to get its kit into production.

The kits will be built using a series of LED lights and a combination of LED bulbs and reflective glass to create a room with an illumination that will look like the one seen in this picture from Google’s ‘Design and Technology for Illumination’ page:The company says the Illumination studio will be ready to power your house in as little as two hours.

It will be able to run up to six LEDs per hour, and it will have a built-in LED light sensor.

The Illumination Lab will also have a “remote control” feature that will allow the kit to be controlled remotely, but will not be able make the lighting happen directly.

The device will also feature a camera, which will be controlled from the Illumina Kit 2.

The hardware will also include a projector, which is being manufactured by Chinese company Gumi, and will be integrated into the kit.

Google is expected to release more kits soon.