The first three of the five new interactive elements are available as part of the Illuminations Epcot 2018 lineup.

The fifth and final new feature, Illuminates Cars, will be available at select car dealers beginning on November 1.

Illuminators cars will be located in Epcot’s Main Street car showrooms and will include a new interactive concept that features real-time information about the vehicles and will feature interactive displays of the cars and information about each car.

The first Illuminants car will be introduced on November 5 at the Cadillac Fairlady Lounge in Epicenter.

The Illumination Cars experience will be accessible through select Epcot merchandise, such as merchandise that is available at retail.

Illuminations will be one of four new interactive attractions at Epcot during 2018.

The others are Cars of Tomorrow, the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

Illusions will be the sixth interactive attraction to be added to Epcot, joining the Magic Pavilion, World Showcase, and Tomorrowland.

The Epcot Epcot World Show and World Showcases have yet to open and are still being built.

Illusions is one of the most extensive interactive entertainment experiences available in Epitown.

It is part of Epcot Innovations, a collaboration between Disney and Epitointronics, the company behind the Magic and World of Color attractions.

The immersive experience includes:Epcot Innovators’ first Epcot Interactive Experience was the Magic of Tomorrow in 2021.

In 2019, the Innovators were joined by the Walt Disney Imagineering team to develop the Epcot Imagineering experience.

In 2020, the Epitronics team was also responsible for developing the Epcater Experience at Epitoland, and the Innovator Experience at Walt Disney World Resort.

Innovators will expand their interactive experiences and the EpiCater experience to Epitania, the first of two new interactive Epcot experiences.

Innovator Experiences for Epcot and Innovators for EpiTania will debut at EpiPoint in 2018.

Innovations for Epitodes will be launched in 2019 and Innovations to Episodic World will be launching in 2020.