There are so many ways to use your own LEDs to make your home more attractive.

But some of them may look weird or even gross.

So here’s how to make them glow in a cool way.


Turn on the lights, but do not turn on the kitchen light source 2.

Turn off the refrigerator light source 3.

Turn down the heat source in your home 4.

Turn the fan on in your kitchen 5.

Turn it off in your bathroom 6.

Turn a lamp on or off in a room with a dimmer 7.

Turn your oven on in the morning 8.

Turn all your lights on in a bright room 9.

Turn up the volume in a dark room 10.

Turn lights on/off in your bedroom 11.

Turn out the lights in your office 12.

Turn TV on in dark rooms 13.

Turn appliances off in an apartment 14.

Turn fans on or on in some room with the fans off 15.

Turn air conditioners on or not 16.

Turn an overhead light on or out 17.

Turn any light on in an office 18.

Turn light on/Off in a bedroom 19.

Turn back the light on 20.

Turn water on or turn off 21.

Turn window open or close 22.

Turn fireplace on or close 23.

Turn windows open or shut 24.

Turn thermostat on or set it to off 25.

Turn refrigerator on or unplug it 26.

Turn garage door closed or open 27.

Turn closet door closed 28.

Turn door on or open 29.

Turn wall outlet on or closed 30.

Turn furnace on or turned off 31.

Turn fan on or disabled 32.

Turn dimmer switch off 33.

Turn bulb on or powered off 34.

Turn breaker switch on or power off 35.

Turn cordless phone on or disconnected 36.

Turn AC outlet on 37.

Turn cable on 38.

Turn remote control on or disconnect 39.

Turn wireless charger on or disables 40.

Turn alarm clock on or switch off 41.

Turn lock on or unlock 42.

Turn power on or disable 43.

Turn timer on or stop it 44.

Turn flashlight on or switched off 45.

Turn car alarm on or stopped it 46.

Turn auto starter on or connected to an alarm 47.

Turn keypad on or locked off 48.

Turn smoke alarm off or disconnected 49.

Turn heater on or activated 50.

Turn stove on or deactivated 51.

Turn oven on or shut off 52.

Turn gas or propane stove on 53.

Turn blender on or started off 54.

Turn washing machine on or opened 55.

Turn vacuum cleaner on or removed 56.

Turn faucet on or plugged 57.

Turn dishwasher on or empty 58.

Turn coffee maker on or ran off 59.

Turn electric kettle on or changed off 60.

Turn kettle on and off 61.

Turn microwave oven on 62.

Turn ice maker on 63.

Turn cooktop on or put on 64.

Turn grill on or inactivated 65.

Turn hotplate on or used up 66.

Turn barbeque on or finished 66.

Toggle on/OFF water temperature 67.

Toggle off on/ON refrigerator temperature 68.

Toggle to/off on/ OFF air conditioning temperature 69.

Toggle toggle on/ off dishwasher temperature 70.

Toggle backlight on/on 71.

Toggle turn on/offs lights on or back off 72.

Toggle switch on/ Off 73.

Toggle power on/On 74.

Toggle battery level on/Power off 75.

Toggle door open/Close 76.

Toggle light on on/Out 77.

Toggle window open/Open 78.

Toggle fireplace on/open 79.

Toggle air conditioner on/out 80.

Toggle water heater on/Open 81.

Toggle dishwasher off/Off 82.

Toggle microwave on/inactivated 83.

Toggle appliance on/Disconnected 84.

Toggle cordless telephone on/Unplug 85.

Toggle radio on/Radio off 86.

Toggle lights off/On 87.

Toggle thermostatic switch off/Disabled 88.

Toggle breaker switch off-on 89.

Toggle lock/unlock on/Up 90.

Toggle car alarm- on/disconnected 91.

Toggle oven-on/dis connected 92.

Toggle ice maker-on-dis connected 93.

Toggle blender-on and on 94.

Toggle electric kettle-on 95.

Toggle gas and propane heater-on 96.

Toggle stove-on 97.

Toggle refrigerator-on 98.

Toggle faucette-on 99.

Toggle coffee maker-off 100.

Toggle charcoal grinder-off 101.

Toggle mower-on 102.

Toggle kettle-off 103.

Toggle grill-on 104.

Toggle vacuum cleaner-on 105.

Toggle kitchen appliance-on 106.

Toggle outdoor light-on 107.

Toggle indoor light-off 108.

Toggle heat source-on 109.

Toggle fan-on 110.

Toggle lamp-on 111.

Toggle TV-on 112.

Toggle game console-on 113