A new device that aims at revolutionising medical devices has been unveiled by India’s Kipp and aims to provide the same performance of other modern devices at lower cost.

The company has introduced a new product called IlluminaFlowCell, which is expected to be released in the first half of 2018.

The company is selling the device at Rs 1,400 for the 64GB version and Rs 2,000 for the 256GB version.

The IlluminaCloud device is meant to compete with the likes of the new Kipp Flow and its competitors like the Kipp Shine.

The IlluminaCell will also provide access to the Illumia cloud service for medical patients.

The device is being manufactured by Kipp in Bengaluru.

Kipp’s main rivals in the medical device market are Samsung, Philips, GE Healthcare, and Toshiba.

The product will be released as part of a range of medical devices that will be sold at a lower price point, the company said.

The device has the ability to deliver a speed of 2.6Gbps and has a maximum output power of 4.8W.

Kipp is not alone in the healthcare space in offering such low-cost devices.

A company called Medivac has been making similar devices for the past few years, though these devices use different manufacturing processes.