It was, and it still is, awesome.

The Patriots have been playing well and winning games, and while the team hasn’t been a Super Bowl champion yet, they have won two in a row, and now have a streak of six straight victories dating back to October.

Now that they are finally on top of the NFC East, they are poised to be the best team in the AFC in a couple of years.

What was once a joke among the Patriots fans is now a big deal.

And for those of you who think the Patriots are just a team of hardworking players, you’re not wrong.

When they win, they win big.

But what really makes the Patriots so special is that they have a unique identity.

They are known as a team that is a team.

I have to say, the Patriots have become the ultimate team, a group of athletes that are all together, that share a common passion, and that share the same sense of purpose.

They have a sense of belonging.

This is a group that, for all the drama surrounding Tom Brady and his contract, it is really about the people around him, the people in the locker room, the fans, the coaches, the players, and all of them working together to make this a great football team, the team we want to be.

This isn’t just a football team.

This isn’t the Patriots.

This represents all of us.

This team represents all the people that love this city and this city loves this team, and this is why the team is so great.

We can’t control the future, but we can control our past, and we can all get together and work together to help build a better future. 

So when did it get cool to not be a Patriots fan anymore?

When did the NFL come to embrace this kind of unique identity and to embrace a team?

I think there are a lot of reasons for that.

But let’s start with a few simple ones.

First, the NFL is a lot more fun when you don’t have to worry about injuries.

It’s hard to be around those guys all the time and still enjoy the game.

When you are injured, it’s even harder to be able to watch the games.

Second, the salary cap is getting higher.

When the salary caps are going up, the number of teams that are going to be willing to take on a big salary cap burden is going to get larger and larger.

Third, the teams that get the most money have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl, because they have the best personnel, and because the NFL has a more organized roster, the talent is spread out, so there is less talent on the field.

Fourth, and most importantly, it has been a decade since the Patriots played in the Superbowl.

I am not talking about the 2006 and 2009 Superbowls, but the 2001 and 2003 Superbowl games.

We had a lot to look forward to.

Now the Superstars are gone.

This year, the Superdome is a ghost town.

The NFL has been losing fans.

This was the year the Patriots finally got their act together.

They won two of their last three games and have a solid record.

This past week, the New England Patriots won their fifth game in six nights.

It was a win that showed us that the team has some very strong players and a talented coaching staff.

They also won in overtime, which was a sign of things to come.

The most important thing for this team is that we have a common identity.

We all know the team, we all know where the ball is supposed to go.

The players all know what the offense is supposed, and what the defense is supposed do.

We know how to win and how to lose.

We have an unbreakable bond that connects us.

There is a unity and cohesion that connects everyone.

This makes this team so special. 

It is hard to imagine how we can be better than this.

But there is one more reason for this to become a big thing: Tom Brady is back.

This may be the most exciting time in the franchise’s history, and the Patriots need to win a Superbowl to really cement their place in the NFL pantheon.

But it is not just about Tom Brady.

The rest of this team needs to be playing at a higher level.

There are only two teams in the entire league that have a chance to win it all.

And I can guarantee that they won’t be the Patriots any longer.

I think this team will be one of the greatest teams ever, and if we all keep working together, we can make this team one of history’s greatest teams.